Mangakino Area School


Tena Koutou Katoa 
     Mangakino School provides education for students New Entrants/Year 1 to Year 8, and   implements the New Zealand Curriculum Standards across Years 1 to 6.  
     Mangakino School has a total immersion Rumaki Reo Unit for students from Year 1 to Year 8,  with a strong whanau group which tautoko not only the Maori Immersion unit, but also the school.  This unit bases teaching programmes on Te Marautanga.
     Students attend the school mainly from Mangakino township.  In 2013, the school has a roll grading  of U3, and is Decile 1.  The school roll comprises 87.6% Maori; 6.2% European; 5.4% Asian and 0.8 Pacific. 
Four classroom teachers  provide student centered educational programmes.  Class numbers across the school allow for more  individualized teaching and learning opportunities.  On our campus we have a Council-run gymnasium and swimming pool.   We are within close proximity to native forests, lakes and Maunga. offering  opportunities for rich curriculum development.
     Our school policies and practices provide opportunities for students to learn respect the diverse  ethnic nature and cultural heritage of New Zealand people with acknowledgement of the unique place  of Maori.  The school is focused on the National Educational Priorities and is committed to improving  the learning of Maori students and the Maori dimension throughout the school by:
  • Developing and incorporating Te Reo me ona Tikanga Maori throughout the school curriculum for all students.
  • Developing partnerships through consultation with our Maori parents, community and local Iwi.
  • Strengthening the existing Whanau Support Group to create, implement and monitor educational opportunities and outcomes.
  • Providing leadership opportunities for our Maori students in a variety of contexts eg, academic, social, cultural and physical.
  • Analyzing Maori student achievement data and develop plans to address areas of need (aligned with annual plans/targets).
  • Where appropriate, guiding parents who wish for instruction to be provided in full Te Reo Maori to our Rumaki Reo Unit.