Mangakino Area School



  Regular School Notices

School Day:


School starts:  9.00 am


Interval: 10.40 - 11.00 am

  Lunch:    12.50 - 1.30 pm


School finishes:    3.00 pm  



 General Inquiries & Appointments:


All inquiries regarding your child, or if you wish to make an appointment to

visit with the Principal or your child’s teacher, please call

the school office on

882 8149

or email:


New Entrant Enrollments:


Prior to your 5 year old child starting school, please visit the school office or call on 882-8149 to make an appointment to meet our Assistant Principal, Jenni Knight to discuss entering your child into mainstream, or our Rumaki classes and arrange classroom visits.


Please bring with you your child’s:

  • Birth certificate OR Passport

  • Immunization Certificate

We will need to take copies of these as part of the enrollment process.






 Attendance - Truancy:


If your child will be absent due to illness, medical appointments or Tangihanga, please notify the school office on 882 8149

or text the Truancy phone on 021 0237 2525

or email:


Any student that is late to school, or absent without any explanation is classed as truant, therefore the school is obliged by law to follow this up.  


In the first instance parents/caregivers will receive a text from the Attendance Officer.   

Kay Russell
Attendance Officer