Every Monday at 1:30 pm, we hold a Celebration Assembly in the Whare to celebrate student achievements for the week!

The following awards are handed out:

*Principal's Award

*Caught Being Good Award

*Student of the Week 

*MANA Potential 

Congratulations to this week's award winners!!!!

Principal's Award & Caught Being Good 

Kataleiaha Allen & Helena-George Tareha

Mana Postcard 

Te Mana Collins 

Mana Potential

Ava Hill, Reegan Joseph-Bullock

Mana Card

Masyn Pugh-Pitti

Principal Award

Spencer Boreham

Caught being Good & Student of the Week

Stevie-Ray Kingi & Honey-Jorjah Rata-Hurst

Student of the Week 

Ava Hill

Student of the Week, Caught Being Good & Mana Postcard

Reegan Joseph-Bullock, Hunter Jarvis & Cooper Brooking

Student Awards