Every Monday at 1:30 pm, we hold a Celebration Assembly in the Whare where we celebrate student achievements for the week!

The following awards are handed out:

*Principal's Award

*Caught Being Good Award

*E.O.T.C Certificates

*MANA Potential 

Congratulations to this week's award winners!!!!

Principal's Award

Marli-Rose Collins Kingi Jopson & Te Mana Collins

Caught Being Good

Cruze Ray

MANA Postcard

Drake Ahipene, Cooper Hill, Devisha Sharma, and       Te Mana Collins 


Glow Webber, Spencer Boreham, Tiare Thompson, Kiaora Collins, Kaizae Karauna, Cougar Joseph, Te Mana Collins, Saige Collins & Stevie-Ray Kingi

Student Awards